Peter Vene - Love in the wood. Unique abstract furniture and wood sculpturesLove in the wood - unique furniture and sculptures made out of very old wood

Unique abstract furniture and wood sculptures

Peter Vene - a sculptor from Slovenia

Welcome to the world of Peter Vene and his unique abstract furniture and wood sculptures! Peter Vene is a sculptor who works with more then 200 years old wood - take a few minutes of your time to browse this website and we guarantee you will be amazed by his work!

Searching for unique gift ideas? Smaller wood sculptures are just the thing you are looking for if you want to give your friends and business partners something they have never seen before! Click here to be amazed by the aesthetic appeal of his work!

unique furniture (table) made out of 350 years old willow tree!
See unique furniture made out of up to 400 years old wood!

We suggest you to start your tour by looking at the Photo gallery and see for yourself how beautiful creations can come to life when human creativity and nature combine their forces!

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